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9 Work From Home Jobs You Can Apply For Today!

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Its a whole new week and I can’t believe how fast the time is goinggg….

I think I say this all the time lol but it seems like I just wrote last weeks job listings and now here we are again!

I hope you’re doing well and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with your job search

If you’re not and you want some expert help to get you unstuck finally booking interviews and getting job letters. This is the time to get into Secure The Job Kit.

We have some exciting changes happening and all of them with you in mind to really get the ball rolling and you in the remote positions you really desire ( not just take because you have to)

So the community will get a revamp!

And here are the things were adding:

  1. A community- I know I’ve called it a community for a long time but we haven’t really had a place for everyone to get together. This was the vision from the beginning but a few things got in the way and now we’re back on track 
  2. Expert advice- I think it’s important you have the most up to date advice. And having someone who is actively recruiting and hiring is top notch. So that’s what we got. Our hiring managers and recruiters will be interacting in the group as well as doing some live calls
  3. Email/Messaging templates- have you ever wanted to send a follow up email or negotiate your salary but not sure exactly what to say? These templates will help you with all of that!

If any of this will help you, get in now! We haven’t officially launched the website but once we do the price will go up.

Work From Home Jobs Hiring NOW!

National Acquisition Manager | Zillow

Sales Executive | Zillow

Customer Experience Agent | Ramp

Customer Service Rep | Am Fam Insurance

Customer Care Rep | Farmers

Customer Experience Agent | Hims/Hers

Remote Contact Center | Voya

Manger | Mural