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Central Selling Associate- Lowes

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Lowe’s is able to offer remote employment of this position in the following states: AL, AR, AZ, CA(salaried only), CO, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY.

All Lowe’s associates are expected to deliver quality customer service while being friendly and professional with being eager to understand our customers needs. The Central Selling Associate – Flooring is primarily responsible for creating/reviewing customer quotes and contacting customer to close and/or tender the sale. This associate provides exceptional consultative services to customers and confirms their needs are met. This role is held accountable to specific performance standards. The Central Selling Associate – Flooring may also collaborate directly with Service Providers and Store employees in order to complete work in a timely and accurate manner. To be successful, the Central Selling Associate – Flooring must have foundational knowledge of Flooring products, Installation, Phone/Computer Systems and common Customer Service practices. In addition, the individual in this role uses various systems to complete work and as such must be able to learn and utilize new systems and tools with training.

Essential Functions:
• Works within system-based work queue to identify activities ready for review.
• Works in various internal selling and project management systems to obtain and verify information related to service requests and to communicate with others involved in the quoting process.
• Sends, receives and responds to questions from Stores and Service Providers related to quote details and escalates issues/questions when appropriate; communicates with others via phone, email and other communication applications.
• When available, adds product and/or promotional information to a quote as well as any additional labor items and associated charges needed to complete the quote not already included.
• Completes quote re figures as needed (e.g., when a customer changes mind on something that affects the scope or cost of a project); includes re figuring quotes based on existing measurements or changing quotes based on new measurements or increased project scope.
• Organizes work processes to ensure the most efficient work flow while collaborating with others (i.e., Service Providers, Stores, peers).
• Provides peers and leadership team with relevant and timely information when needed to support their decisions and work activities.
• Provides relevant feedback to Supervisor regarding what is working well and not working with the centralized selling model.
• Draws from experience supporting the program to offer ways to improve the customer experience with the centralized selling model.
• Provides feedback to Supervisor regarding the process of Stores qualifying customers to help determine gaps in the process.
• Displays a keen understanding of local competitive offerings, recognizing and communicating the advantages of Lowe’s products and services to employees and customers
• Provides SMART customer service at all times through the daily execution of Lowe’s customer service policies, procedures and programs.
• Demonstrates sincere appreciation to customers
• Listens to and responds knowledgeably and promptly to customer and employee questions
• Communicates information to customers regarding all stock, special order merchandise, feature benefits, application, and warranty information related to Lowe’s programs
• Listens to, identifies, anticipates, and responds to customer needs
• Follows-up with customers to ensure all order and project requirements are satisfactorily met
• Serves as a point of contact on all designs and/or installs within department
• Monitors order status of products and special orders and communicates updates or issues with customers and Lowe’s associates (e.g., Receiving, Delivery, and Install staff) as needed
• Enters, processes, and tracks customer orders and installations to manage customer follow-up and completion of order/project according to schedule.
• In addition to the above responsibilities, this individual is held accountable for other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements:
• High school diploma or equivalent
• Up to one year of experience in a call center, office administrative, high volume retail, service support, or similar work environment
• If the state or local municipality requires a salesperson license for this position, you must either be licensed or pass the requisite licensing exam within sixty (60) days of starting employment in this position.

• Bachelor’s degree in a related field
• Experience in remodeling or construction industry
• Lowe’s store experience
• Installed flooring sales experience
• Experience using MS Dynamics or similar CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool

This role is not currently offered in California.

This position is a remote role, and you will train and work from home. Current minimum qualifications require the following:

· Internet access that meets the following criteria: 
o Internet speed has a minimum 20mb/s download, 5mb upload according to your service agreement.  
§ Note: You can run a speed test by accessing the following: Google Speed Test or Speed Test. These links must be accessed from your home computer, not a Lowe’s computer or cell phone. Run the speed test 3 times and get the highest speed result. 
o Limited usage of streaming services or other activities that restrict wi-fi speed during work hours to prevent latency or bandwidth issues. 
o Easy access to your home router for equipment set up. The computer and router must be within 6 feet of each other. You MUST provide an ethernet cord long enough to plug into the equipment for set up. (Lowe’s will provide equipment)
· A work environment free of distractions