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Job Title: Customer Service Representative, Customer Experience 

Reports to: Customer Service Supervisor, Customer Experience 

Location: Hybrid Remote – Reno Supported (Remote only in approved metro areas:  Reno, NV; Austin, TX; Pittsburgh, PA; Nashville, TN; Dallas Forth Worth, TX; Salt Lake City, UT; Bozeman/Butte/Dillon, MT; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Freeport, ME; Baltimore, MD) 

Job Type: Full-Time Fixed-Term Contract up to 6-10 months

Start Date: September, October, November start dates available 


Pay range: $20.00 – $26.00 

Hiring comp: $20.00 + $25 per pay period for home office supply stipend

At Patagonia, pay ranges are set using the best available market data for the job at the required location.

COVID-19 Vaccinations: Patagonia requires all employees to demonstrate proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of their employment.      


General Summary     

As the Customer Service Representative, you are responsible for providing excellent customer service experience. You are a forward-thinking team player that engages with the customer and the customer service team to get the best outcome. You have proven experience managing multiple software and computer programs simultaneously while maintaining composure and delivering an exceptional level of customer service. You incorporate your passions for our Company purpose, “We’re in business to save our home planet”, into your daily decisions.     


What You’ll Do     

Essential Functions: 

  • Provide excellent support to customers while communicating via phone, chats, and emails, in a remote setting. All CX Reps must be able to flex between phone, email and chat as needed to respond to a fluctuating volume of customer inquiries.   
  • Ability to work a specific schedule, while having the flexibility to rotate shifts or work alternative shifts as needed to meet increased volume of customer inquiries (for example, during peak sales periods).  



  • Engage in customer interactions via Chat, Phone, and Email, ensuring that Patagonia’s core values of quality, integrity, environmentalism, justice, and not bound by convention are upheld. 
  • Adhere to schedule, time, and attendance expectations  
  • Partner with the customer and Patagonia team to remedy customer concerns and deliver the best experience possible     
  • Efficiently navigate multiple software programs/systems throughout the day    
  • Provide accurate information regarding our products, customer orders, company service guidelines, and company campaigns     
  • Use prescribed procedures to process orders, assist with returns, service orders, or otherwise address customer service needs     
  • Fulfill customer service needs from a remote or hybrid work environment, while maintaining a high level of performance and communication with the supervisory team 
  • Participate in in-person teambuilding activities to foster camaraderie and connection to company values, as scheduled periodically by the business.  
  • Participate in optional company sponsored activism activities bringing awareness to environmental campaigns and issues. 
  • Complete training (both virtual and in-person), to develop skills required to ensure successful and excellent customer service. 
  • Able to work during operating hours, particularly during times of peak customer inquiries. Associates should expect to work during all peak business periods–see “Peak Weeks” and “All Hands-on Deck Days” listed below.    Ability to take paid time off during these times will be limited.  


  • Ability to communicate effectively utilizing active listening and being fully present.   
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as non-verbal (body language), which can be shared with people from all walks of life while remaining clear, confident, accurate, professional, objective, and inclusive.    
  • Ability to provide quality customer service through multiple avenues such as phone, chat and email conversations. The ability to problem-solve and present thoughtful and well-reasoned opinions based on policy and context while being motivated to provide creative solutions to challenges  
  • Solid organizational and prioritization skills, with the ability to fulfill commitments, remaining reliable, punctual, and on-time.   
  • Ability to work with groups across different backgrounds in thoughtful, respectful, and equitable ways   


Who You Are     

  • Passionate: care deeply about saving our home planet.    
  • Resilient: thrive in a working environment with little or no supervision     
  • Team player: Finding creative solutions while balancing responsibilities among participants in an equitable and inclusive manner in partnership with peers and leadership. Create an environment where everyone can learn from mistakes, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions.   Leave space for the perspectives of team members, even if it is different from your own.    
  • Open-minded: Possess exceptional interpersonal skills, including the ability to listen and understand opinions, suggestions, and the recommendations of others, even if they are different from your own   
  • Flexible: Ability to balance multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously.  Ability to quickly adapt to changes in the business and customer service needs. 


Experience and Technical Proficiency     

  • Minimum of 1+ years’ experience working in a customer service environment  
  • Contact/Call Center experience preferred  
  • Proven ability to drive amazing customer experiences    
  • Communicate effectively, considerately, and in a timely manner - both verbally and written    
  • Experience navigating and resolving complex customer issues while maintaining composure     
  • Technical proficiency managing multiple platforms while utilizing a keyboard, phone and delivering exceptional service at the same time    
  • Ability to navigate browsers and assist customers using platforms via: D365, Microsoft Suites, Salesforce  
  • Ability to provide quality customer service through multiple avenues such as phone, chat and email conversations  
  • Ability to meet a minimum of 30 WPM (assessed through skills assessment)  
  • Proven ability to accept feedback about performance and ability to recognize opportunities for professional growth     
  • Ability to adjust behaviors for success in an inclusive workplace    


Home Office Requirements  

Network Connection/Internet Access      

  • Minimum internet connection speed of 100Mbps  
  • Patagonia provided computers must be connected directly to the firewall and have the latest firmware installed    
  • Patagonia computer must be within 100’ of the router for physical cabling—WIFI or use of cellular data to connect is not allowed  
  • Patagonia will supply up to 25’ ethernet cable in all shipped systems  
  • If physical cabling is not possible due to workspace limitations, work from home is not possible     


Physical Workspace Requirements      

  • Workspace must be able to accommodate Patagonia supplied IT equipment: Two, 24” monitors and associated cables (power strip/surge protector)    
  • Work must be done in a private space where others cannot listen to phone calls or observe computer screens     


Other Technology Considerations      

  • Personal smart phone required to support 2nd factor authentication      
  • Shared internet access with other residents could impact customer experience. This should be taken into consideration when determining internet connection speed and should not compromise the minimum 100Mbps requirements.    
  • Customer Service Representatives must use wired headphones provided by Patagonia when communicating with customers.    



Work Hours     

  • CX’s operating hours are generally:    
    • Monday through Friday, 5:45am to 6:00pm PT    
    • Saturday and Sunday, 6:45am to 3:00pm PT   
  • Customer Service Representatives must be logged on and available to respond to customer service inquiries during their scheduled shift   


Peak Periods and All-Hands-On-Deck Days 

Customer Service Representatives will have limited opportunities to take paid time off during Peak Weeks and All-Hands-on-Deck-Days, as determined by the business.     

  • Tentative FY24 Peak Periods:   
    • August Summer Sale
    • early November to early January Holiday Peak 
    • February to March Winter Sale
  • Tentative FY24 All-Hands-on-Deck-Days:  
    • August Start of Summer Sale 
    • November Cyber Monday
    • December Post-Holiday
    • January Post-New Year’s     


Physical Requirements     

Interface with Patagonia provided technology (computer screens, software programs, headset, keyboard) to receive and input information to execute customer support actions.