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Customer Success Manager – Harness

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What you’ll do:
As a Customer Success Manager, you will educate our top clients on how best to utilize our platform’s features & services & support them in developing solutions to their issues. You will help craft the company’s customer success strategies and build relationships with customers to deliver consistently excellent customer experiences. Our ideal candidate is a “people-person” who is passionate about using analytical skills to identify problems, find solutions, and improve relationships (aka – make someone’s day!). To succeed in this role, you should have relevant customer service & success experience.

You’ll do well in this role if this describes you:

    • Eternally optimistic: Maintain a positive and uplifting attitude even in challenging situations, spreading optimism to team members and customers alike.
    • Initiative-driven: Proactively identify opportunities for improvement and take the lead in implementing positive changes to enhance the overall customer experience.
    • Customer-centric mindset: Put the customer at the center of decision-making, consistently seek ways to exceed customer expectations and create memorable experiences.
    • Effective communicator: Demonstrate strong communication skills to convey positivity and enthusiasm, foster a collaborative and engaging work environment.
    • Problem-solving prowess: Approach challenges with a can-do attitude, leverage creativity and resourcefulness to find innovative solutions that benefit both customers and the business.
    • Team player: Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams, recognize the importance of teamwork in delivering exceptional customer service.
    • Adaptable and resilient: Thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, embrace change as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
    • Continuous learner: Stay updated on industry trends and customer preferences, constantly seek ways to enhance skills and knowledge to better serve customers.

Objectives of this Role:

    • Provide GoogleMeet Kick-Off/onboarding platform training to educate new top customers
    • Help drive continued value of our products and services through recommended articles, guides + upsell opportunities
    • Provide GoogleMeet check-in, support, success strategy calls to assist clients with solving problems & increasing platform adoption
    • Communicate effectively with both internal departments and external clients to understand customer needs, maximize retention and growth, and communicate learnings
    • Maintain existing customer success metrics and data as directed

Ongoing Responsibilities:

    • Serve as day-to-day primary contact for top customers via chat & email for requests, building trust and rapport while identifying areas of opportunity, highlighting best practices, etc
    • Document, track & follow-up on GoogleMeet calls/interactions
    • Track & report on customer & internal metrics
    • Documents customer feedback/requests/issues
    • Prepare necessary documentation or visuals for customers
    • Collaborate with internal stakeholders concerning customer feedback, requests, references & case studies

Required Skills and Qualifications:

    • 3+ years of experience in communications, marketing, sales, account management, or customer service
    • Strong and professional verbal and written communication
    • Basic tracking, analytics, reporting & project management skills
    • Analytical and process-oriented mindset
    • Comfortable working across multiple departments in a deadline-driven environment
    • Active team player, self-starter, and multitasker who can quickly adjust priorities
    • Strong organization & time management skills
    • Able to effectively handle a number of diverse and complex problems at the same time
    • Positive mindset & attitude essential

Preferred Qualifications:v

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • 5+ years of customer service experience a plus