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Best Digital Products To Sell On Etsy That pay well!

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Etsy has been around for almost 20 years! (ikr… makes me feel old LOL) 

Since they have entered into the online world they have been known for handmade and vintage items, 

Not a lot of people know there are so many digital products to sell on Etsy

And the craziest part? People have been cleaning up for years with these digital products getting paid in their sleep! 

Don’t worry though, i’ll catch you up to speed and give you a list of the best digital products to sell on etsy today! 

What are digital products

In case you have no clue what I’m even talking about, we need to get on the same page of what digital products are.

Digital products are anything being sold that will not be physically delivered to you. For example your subscription to netflix is a digital product 

On Etsy many people have physical products they ship out to people once they buy 

But there are also many people selling on etsy that only have digital products 

With the average person making about 45,000. Year 

Can you imagine making 45,000 a year in your sleep!?

Ok not exactly all while you sleep because you do have to set everything up, but once you do, everything else is passive 

How are digital products sold on Etsy

Speaking of setting things up, its important that you understand the process for selling these digital products on etsy 

  1. Create your sellers account 
  2. Create digital product for sell( can be make with free tools like canva) 
  3. Upload digital product /create product listing
  4. Once sold products will be delivered automatically to your customer

Now that you know how to set everything up and see that most of the work is done upfront, lets get into some of the best digital products to sell on etsy and make some great passive income! 

5 Best digital products to sell on Etsy


This time of year is especially the time where people purchase planners the most. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t buy these types of digital products off Etsy year round. ( Me included I bought mine in June lol) 

But the selling potential alone will have you considering it lol 

Take this one shop. They sell $20 planners and at the time of writing this they have a sale running and on average the prices are a little over $12 for one download. 

Now a little quick girl math will tell you this shop with over 25,000 sales has brought in OVER $300,000. Now this is a great example of a side hustle gone right! 


While there are some shops that have traditional stickers that your customer will need to print and cut out, there are also shops that provide digital stickers….

YES its completely digital where you can use the stickers for your digital planner.

So basically the sky’s the limit with this sticker category 

This shop sells stickers for what seems like a discount most of the time. So on the low end with 12,000+ sales they have made over $36,000 if their average sale is around $3.


Weddings galore, I mean someone is always getting married right!? This is a perfect opportunity to be able to have year round potential with a digital product on Etsy. 

But not only weddings but parties in general are huge and of course people are always looking for a reason to get together. 

BestLilyDesigns has over 14,000 and with an average price of $6 this shop has brought in over $84,000 

4.Knitting Patterns

This is something that I don’t think most people think of when they talk about digital downloads on Etsy. 

But this is where the magic happens, there is a super engaged community of people who love to knit and will come back to your shop time and time again. 

And this is exactly what this shop has been able to to over 47,000 sales with average sale of $6 over $280,000.

What could you do with $280,000? This is a great niche to get into

5.Printable Labels 

Now this is last on the list but definitely not least on the list of these digital products that you can sell on etsy.

With the latest trends of people organizing pantries etc… This can be a great shop to have and be able to reach out to influencers who are in need of these labels. You’ll be able to get in front of a whole different audience that would love to purchase from you! 

SoPerfectPrintables has labels of all kinds including product labels. They have brought in almost 25,000 sales with an average of $5 an item. This has brought in over $125,000 for them! 


As you can see the earning potential with digital downloads on Etsy is limitless. The fact that you only have to create once and can sell and infinite amount of times will get me everytime! 

This is a way you can create some true passive income from all your hardwork on the front end of creating these products. 

And don’t get me wrong, the product creation can be simple too! 

Want to learn more about how to create digital products to sell on Etsy? 
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