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Sales Consultant – Sticker Mule

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Job description

The Sales Consultant works to identify interesting prospects, convert them into customers, and increase the happiness of existing high-value customers. 


Work performed


  1. Develops prospect lists and performs email outreach to prospective customers. 



  1. Follow up with prospects to foster positive relationships & convert them to customers. 



  1. Assists customer service with creating quotes & orders for significant leads. 



  1. Creates spec samples for high potential prospects & customers. 



  1. Tracks the progress of customers through our sales funnel & follows up appropriately. 



  1. Assists high-value customers via phone & email as needed. 



  1. Educates customers on our products and services using phone, webinars & screen sharing if necessary.



  1. Identifies opportunities to improve our service based on customer interactions. 



  1. Performs other tasks as assigned by management. 





  1. Outstanding interpersonal skills.



  1. Willing to travel for meetings, shows and events.



  1. Self motivated.




  1. Must be located in the US.