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Job Description

The Workforce Management Scheduling Specialist is responsible for deploying our workforce to match schedules with our demand curve for all assigned groups. The Specialist is required to maintain agent schedule templates including recurring meeting, training and coaching events, test those schedules against our weekly demand and shrinkage patterns, deploy the schedules and plan/coordinate large-scale events before releasing those schedules to the team that optimizes and executes our weekly plans. The Specialist will test their schedule fit monthly and run shift-bids biannually or as needed for their assigned groups. On a weekly basis they will plan and coordinate non-work events, build schedules for both internal and BPO staff ensuring those schedules are optimized for efficient coverage and publish schedules that ensure we are prepared to meet SLAs across all channels and hours of operation. 

The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of contact centers and systems. They are able to move fast with precision, while exercising good judgment and applying expertise in common contact center scheduling principles and procedures. Square uses documents to make decisions, the successful candidate will often need to communicate clearly and concisely using data to articulate complex ideas simply. They will also guide discussions with leaders across the organization and will need to be able to do that with minimal support from their supervisor, by leveraging relationships they have built with stakeholders and navigating difficult conversations to cut through confusion and gain alignment. The ideal candidate will know what successful scheduling in contact centers looks like and is excited by the idea of building the processes that enable successful scheduling. To do that, they will be well versed in how to achieve the optimal balance of meeting business needs while keeping agent schedule satisfaction high.

You will:

  • Own schedule fit for your assigned groups acting with a high amount of autonomy.
  • Run schedule scenarios and analyze them to gauge schedule fit and identify when a schedule alignment / shift-bid is needed. 
  • Coordinate large-scale meeting and training events across the organization to ensure agents are scheduled to receive content without impacting performance
  • Optimize schedules so that we balance coverage throughout each day of the week and achieve our service targets. 
  • Communicate across the team and broader support organization to ensure that we are in lock-step on plans to run schedule bids, schedule events and deliver a plan that is nearly ready to execute and achieve our service objectives.
  • Work exceptionally well with others, bringing a positive attitude even when you’re frustrated or things aren’t going as well as we’d like.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to get large projects completed while proactively communicating progress, risks and opportunities.
  • Handle difficult tasks with poise.
  • Embrace the opportunity to create and improve processes that will increase team efficiency.
  • Bring a charismatic attitude to team discussions, even when the discussion feels like it is contentious or stuck. 
  • Be organized in your work and focused on consistency across the team.


You Have:

  • 2 years of WFM experience specializing in scheduling and intraday optimization
  • Experience with WFM tools, preferably with NICE, that is nearly expert level
  • Familiarity with the Google suite of tools and proficiency with GSheets
  • A clear understanding of the overall WFM process with deep expertise in scheduling principles and problems, especially as it pertains to schedule fit and optimization
  • The ability to prioritize your work and get things done despite obstacles, often moving at a pace that demonstrates uncommon commitment to ownership of your work
  • An enthusiasm for creating and improving processes that shape the way schedules are created, assigned and optimized
  • An ability to build and maintain positive relationships, that comes from your innate positivity
  • Intellectual curiosity and a growth mindset that enables you to solve problems on your own
  • Associates degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Strategic planning, problem solving, analytical skills and the ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Integrity and strong customer service skills


  • 4-year college degree, ideally with a major in analytics or business administration
  • Working knowledge or interest in learning SQL, Looker, Hyperion or other BI and modeling tools
  • Expert level knowledge of NICE

Additional Information

Block takes a market-based approach to pay, and pay may vary depending on your location. U.S. locations are categorized into one of four zones based on a cost of labor index for that geographic area. The successful candidate’s starting pay will be determined based on job-related skills, experience, qualifications, work location, and market conditions. These ranges may be modified in the future.

Zone A: USD $94,400 – USD $115,400
Zone B: USD $87,800 – USD $107,400
Zone C: USD $80,300 – USD $98,100
Zone D: USD $70,800 – USD $86,600