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Work From Home Jobs Week of 4/11

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Im learning that keeping it simple is really what we need to live by

I mean why over complicate things when you dont have to?

Im living this in ever aspect of life right now! (not to say its easy lol)

But Im bringing the same aspect of simplicity to your job search

No we won’t be making finding a job… another job!

SO im here to help! Id like to introduce you to

Secure The Job Kit!

The best all inclusive job seeking platform online

You can get help with remote job listing to resume templates and we even curate resume templates for the positions we’re going over today!

SO if you haven’t already… you need to join us before we’re full!

Remote Job Lineup

Boulevard | Sales Development Rep

United Health Group | Billing Rep

Pharmacy Operations | Sempre Health

Virtual Cabinet Designer | Wayfair

Partner Success Manger | Zillow

Senior Product Manager | Zillow

Your Remote Job Aint It

LOL as I was writing that youre like but you just said were keeping it simple and getting paid from these online jobs…


But also NO!

Ha… ok hear me out

if your job is the only way you make money you are in danger

seriously, I was in the same space and I ended up getting FIRED

It was so unexpected, I wasn’t prepared at all

And it was one of the hardest times in my life, but I really learned a lot from it

  1. DO NOT be loyal to just one company
  2. ALWAYS have more than one way to make money

And till this day it is still my mindset

And I want you to think about this as well.

What happens if your job lets you go tomorrow? If this questions starts making your heart raceeee

BAYBEEE I have something for you

This training has changed everything for me, teaching me skills I’ll use to make money for a lifetime

If you want to learn how you can make money online for yourself and your family

Dive in! Take the training and baby run with it

because Im seeing beginners making more than their job will EVER pay them

But you won’t know until you try!

Love you Babes!